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[NOTICE: This is a temp fix till someone with the propper knowledge of how to revert damage done by C5h0ck. Please Do not vandalize the main page.]

Due to the 2b2t Anarchy Wikia being deleted by Fandom, we have moved to miraheze to host the 2b2t wiki. The organization on the main page is temporary and more will be added soon. Please also read the rules before editing.

This wiki's current iteration was established on July 25, 2018.

Important: The fact that 2b2t is an anarchy server does not make this an anarchy wiki. Vandalism will be reverted and idiots will be banned. Please check out the rules for further information. Also, due to the convoluted history of 2b2t, some information may not be correct, unbiased, or up to date.