-Z Axis Highway

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The Negative Z Highway is a highway constructed on the negative Z axis, heading north, and is one of the four central highways. It starts around 50-100 blocks north of spawn and is estimated to be 2 million blocks long. The highway has a quite high standard, being two blocks wide and including side-barriers and staircases going on and off, until it drops down to a narrow badly maintained pathway after circa 20,000 blocks. As of June 2017, the overworld highway ends around 570,000 blocks. It is currently being extended periodically by a player by the name of Swervin777.

In the Nether, the highway is fairly well maintained with a obsidian floor for the first 30,000 blocks, typically 3 blocks in width. After that, the highway is primarily made out of netherrack with many potholes, and varies in width from 5 to 1 blocks.

On August 7th 2017 gRiNdLoRd successfully flew under the nether floor from spawn out to -3.75 million. He was able to get back above the bedrock, build a nether portal and reach the -Z world border before the -Z highway was completed. Two days later there was a plug-in installed on the server to prevent players from flying under the nether floor. He still has an account there and continues to build while waiting for the -Z highway team to finish digging the highway.

The nether highway is a 3x3 tunnel until approximately -100,000 nether. Somewhere after that, it turns to a 2x3 tunnel. Somewhere around -250,000 nether, it again switches to a 2x1 tunnel.

As of 10/26/19, the -Z highway is withered from 0 to -50k. Take care when traveling in this segment.

-Z Overworld Highway's current builder Swervin777 leaving a sign in an old house, somewhere out past -560,000

Notable Locations

  • The Valley Of Melons (-8.7k)
  • -100k Castle
  • -200k Sign
  • Aureus Highway (-25331 nether)
  • -300k ruins
  • -400k ruins
  • -500k ruins
  • -69k nether.
  • The City Of Avalon (-1 Million)
  • -29,999,999 Crafting table with a sign (left by gRiNdLoRd)